National Export development Program

Export development with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and of the HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency

Consulthink Solution started to deliver services in the Southeast Asian region in the field of project delivery and project management office in 2017. During the last four years we also started to develop new businesses together with our partners and to deliver key account management service in the region. Our HQ is in Bangkok.

In the autumn of 2020, we received financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and from the HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency. We will use the received 49,66 million Hungarian Forint support and the same amount allocated as self-funding for business development in the Southeast Asian region.

The aim of the presented project is to extend our consultancy activity in Asia.

Target countries are the following:

  • Thailand – planned regional center
  • Philippines
  • Maldives

Mainly, we would like to pay attention to and support the entities in the field of Information Technology,  agriculture and water management aiming to enter the Asian market, however we are open to cooperate with any innovative entities as well, who may target Asia as a potential market.

Our goal is to maintain and expand our presence which would open channels for our customers to Asia, which would boost the domestic entities’ exporting activity and competitiveness through the world.

The competitive edge of our service portfolio comes from the continuously expanding Asian business and governmental network, the market experience and the increasing number of partners and customers. As a result, we are able to offer even better-quality services for our partners and customers, which also means a more effective market entry.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency for its support and for the funding.

The details for the project:

  • Supporting entity: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and HEPA Hungarian Export Promotion Agency
  • Beneficiary: Consulthink Solutions Ltd.
  • The name of the tender: National Export Protection Program – Support for Market Entry in Export Markets
  • The title of the project: Expanding the Asian presence of Consulthink Solutions Ltd in order to support the regional market entry of its partners thus improving their competitiveness
  • Financial support: 49,66 million Hungarian forint
  • Project start: 01.09.2020
  • Planned end date: 30.11.2021